Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome to Fall. Out here in Ca we just got hit with Fall 2010 and it feels like it. Finn and I got the wood burner set for a fire should we need one. For the first time since we've bee back from WI we have our windows closed. I wonder what conditions will be like in to weeks as we ride through Death Valley. My guess is a lot of hot and a bunch of cold. Brad and I are putting the final touches on prep work for the 508. Bonnie compiled a great reference book for the team. It has the route, official rules, check list...I think we both felt a bit better after we did some research about what we were getting into. This is a big race, we'll be stretching ourselves and knowledge is power.

Ride on!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, the windows open/closed configuration is the opposite of what it was just a few weeks ago!

Now it's open in the day, closed at night. Or closed all the time...