Monday, January 25, 2010

Some fun in the sun!

We finally got our snow. After a week of rain it turned to snow Friday. We ended up getting a little better then a foot. Big Bear, in the mountain rage just north of us got about 4.5 feet. Finn and I hiked Saturday with the girls. He soon realized that being 3 feet tall it's hard to hike when the snow covers a third of your body. Wanting to get out of the stuff we headed down to Palm Springs for the day and enjoyed some warmer temps. Sunday Lucy and I got out for a 2 hour hike on our way to school. No riding the past couple of days.
No trail running today, just hiking.

I have to cross a lot more of these on the way to work.

It hard to believe that 13 million people live within 100 miles of our mountain, yet one can still be very alone. In the snow you can make out some tracks that have been covered with snow. The tracks are from Lucy and me when we ran through on Friday. Don't get me wrong, this weekend all of SoCal came out to play, it's just that they all stayed in the easy to find snow fun spots around town.

I hope to get back to spinning in the morning before Finn gets up. I'd like to get some good mileage in before we head to Chicago this weekend.
Ride on!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

We've been crazy busy with the show. I don't know if I've mentioned it but we have a guest set designer for this production. It's the first one Bonnie hasn't done in our nearly 12 years out here. The designer is a former student and good friend. He is the only student I've had that has taken on the challenge of competing in a 24 hour mountain bike race. He killed it a few years back with 16 laps when he was only 17 years old. The other day he kicked my butt on a road ride, this guys is strong. Not only is this guy a strong rider but an exceptional designer. He didn't just ride when he was a student here, he also managed to be voted the Academy's outstanding artist his Senior year, not too shabby. It's been fun working with him again but we didn't get nearly enough time to ride. Next time. It's also been a little strange not working with Bonnie. Ya know I probably haven't said it but I miss working with her. With our new positions at school we done see each other nearly as much. She is coming to the preview tonight, I'll be curious to see what she thinks. Although she may not make it. We are supposed to get a bunch of snow tonight, somewhere between 1 and 2 feet. I might be walking home.

On a biking note, looks like things are coming along on the road bike. Materials are being figured out and if all goes well we'll be slapping parts on it as soon as I get back from Chicago. Speaking of Chicago I get to check out the new wheelset we'll be going with. Sean at Johnny Sprockets has recommended the Fulcrum tubeless system. I've checked them out on line and they seem like a great wheelset for what I want to do. Things are also shaping up for a new ride that I'll be able to showcase at Old Pueblo. Brad, my teammate will also be flashing his new steed. Now we have no excuses.

Better run, we've got a bunch of little stuff to do before preview.

Ride on!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wrapped up break with a fun evening. Brendan and Mary came over and made pizza. Not only did we enjoy the food and company but an excellent cycling movie to boot. Despite being busy with work training has been going well. I've got in to the routine of getting up before Finn for a spin. So far it seems to be working. I get most of my training done before the day starts and then anything else I can get is bonus. So far that's meant a three mile run home each night after work. Next week training will be difficult at best. Most nights I won't get home until after 10. If you know me, I'm usually in bed by 10. This will make getting up early questionable. I don't want to sacrifice health by skimping on sleep. If this is my biggest problem I guess I'm doing alright.

Before break was over I was able to do a bit of research on the RAW. I've been in touch with the guy who won it in '08. It's kind of funny, he and I share the same last name, and he is a professor at NIU, where Bonnie and I did our MFA's. Looks like we'll get to meet him this summer as he is going to take on the RAAM. On the bike front Brendan and I talked a bit about it the other night. It sounds like it's going to be something pretty special, but what would you expect from Siren?

Ride on!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I got some good miles in today. Started with a little bit of spinning before Finn and I got out with Chance and Lucy for our Saturday morning hike. Who should we run into but Brendan and Dave out for another epic. Check out the Siren shop blog for the details, I know I will. This afternoon I hit the trails. I shot up to Pine Cove and then down to Hemet. The turned around and came back up. Ended up climbing around 5,000'. That's like climbing 1/6th of the way up Everest...once.

We've had some very mild temps here. It was about 65 in Idyllwild so I would think it was around 75 down in Hemet. As you can see there is still some spotty snow in the high country. Nothing like the weather we just left, lots of snow and temps in the single digits. Buuurrr.
My first ride of the year also can with my first snake of the year. Spotted this guy at 3,700'.
I hope to get out for some more good miles tomorrow. I also need to head into school and get my head around the show.
Ride on!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The girls and I got in a short hike just before the sun set. You gotta love the outdoors on a crisp late afternoon.
It's been all running and hiking for the past few weeks, but I'll be back on the bike soon.

Ride on!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Holiday season is finally coming to a close. It's been great seeing friends and family back in WI. Finn got to spend a bunch of time with his cousins from both sides of the family. We missed out on getting together with some friends but I sure we can take care of that in Feb. when we come back for the Unified auditions in Chicago. We ate like crazy, I think my new years resolution will be to, in general, consume less. I feel like after the past couple of weeks I should be o.k. not to eat again until half way through February.

During this break I've had some time to get things in order for RAW. Logistics will be the trick here. I'm really glad we decided to do the RAW this year and tackle the RAAM the year after. There is so much to think about and consider. I'm a commutation major with an emphasis in theory so one of the first things I think about with this race is the number of people involved, per team. From what I understand most solos have at least two crews of no less than 2 people. This means at lest 5 people including the rider, that's a lot of relationships. With that many people the cost starts to add up pretty quick too. Maybe my resolution will help with this. I think I'll consider these races my birthday/Christmas/Father's day gifts for the next several years.

Something I'm excited about with this race is it's something we've never done. I've got that feeling like I had early on in my 24 hour career. I don't know what's going to happen, or how we'll deal with it. If history is any indicator we'll figure it out on the fly like we always do. My training will be different too, more time on the road and trainer and less on the trail. Although to be honest most of my training already take place on the trainer just because it's convenient.

Wow this post got a lot longer than I anticipated. I guess when I get to thinking 'out loud' I can ramble.

Ride on!