Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just the boys

Bonnie headed off the hill today to take care of errands so it was just me and Finn for the day. It started of with dropping Mom off at Jazzersize. Then it was off to the dump and over to run the girls in May Valley. We pick Mom up after class then Finn took a nap. Mom headed out and I spun. When Finn got up we ate lunch and then out for a run/hike. We ended up doing about a half marathon. I guess since we both did it together we nearly did a marathon. We started with a run up to Humber and up Devils Slide a bit. Back down and the over on Scenic Tail. Then we just ran around on the streets of Idyllwild.

Here's Finn enjoying a water break. As you can see there was snow to contend with. Snow was anywhere form a foot deep to nonexistent. I don't think, however there was any more than 100 yards of clear tails at a stretch.
We took advantage of the stretch of clear trail to get Finn out of the backpack and stretch out a bit. When he gets the chance to really hike I think he's going to love it.
Tomorrow I have running and biking clubs in the morning and then I think Gary and I are going to try and get out for a ride/hike with the horses.
Ride on!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Midwest dreamin'

I have a confession. I'm soft. I've been checking friends blogs from back in the Midwest. I've been looking at weather reports. These guys are riding in stuff I wouldn't even consider thinking about about going out in. I grew up in Waukesha Wisconsin. I know how bad things can get in the winter. When I lived there I would be out year round, because I knew that after October the next 'nice' day we would have would be sometime in April. Come to think of it it was usually Good Friday, the day us Catholics had to stay inside only to leave the house to go to church. Yeah it would be the first 60 degree day sunny day we'd have seen since before Halloween. O.K. I digress. I guess my point is in the 10 or so years we've been out here I've become...dare I say it...a fair weather rider. Now I'll race in any conditions, but I guess riding is another story for me. I know if I was living back in WI full time I would be out in the stuff. But as I sit here on my deck, listing to the seasonal stream born from snow melt, in my shorts and T shirt I can't help but think those Midwestern boys are tough. I used to be tough.

Ride on! The guys back home are.

Ride on!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fat Tuesday my a$$

We hit it hard yesterday. In the morning I got in a couple of hours on the trainer. When Finn got up from him nap we ran into school. In the evening the girls and I hit the trails on the way home. As you can see the snow is subsiding, but there is still ice on the pond.

Today it looks like I'll only have time to spin a bit in the evening. This morning I did something I haven't done in some time. I walked to school, on the road, without the girls or Finn. It was kinda weird.
Ride on!

Friday, February 20, 2009


This week, as you may guess, has been very light in the way of training. No time on the bike, just hikes and runs with the girls and Finn. Yesterday Finn and I hiked home from school. Post- holing to mid-calf for the first 1.5 miles. This was a good test to see what was still on the mend and it seems all is for the most part well. The only thing still giving me a bit of trouble are the two toes that got impaled together by a cactus on my first lap.

This weekend I'll get back to spinning since we still have a lot of snow on the ground.

Ride on!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Season's First 24 Race Recap

What a weekend! It started Thursday with getting things all packed up and ended last night when for the first time since Thursday night we slept. We got into Tucson around 6:00 Friday evening, check into our Hotel and then met Brad and Sean for Italian. I enjoyed my traditional spaghetti and meatballs. Brad was out to pit for Sean, a friend of his who was out for his first 24 hour race. Actually brad was out to pit for all of us, me, Mary and Sean. We got a plan together for the next morning and called it a night.

Saturday morning we head out for the race. We got to 24 hour town around 10:00, as planned. Spent the next two hours getting race ready. Brendan had my Song running fast. I decided to start with my hardtail just because I wanted to use it while I was fresh as I knew the Song would be very comfortable as the race when on. Also I had only ever raced O.P. on a hardtail so I figured I should start with what was familiure to me.

The first few hours of the race went quite well. Bonnie and Brad had me in and out of the pits in no time. They rocked it all race long. After a few laps Mary, Sean and I were pretty spread out so they were pitting racers every 20 minutes or so. Not to mention that Finn was there to 'help'. Luckily Mary has a good friend, Steve who came down to take care of all things bikes. Not that my bikes needed much more than lube. It's a 24 hour race, you never know what might pop up. Thanks Steve for being there for whatever we might have needed!

As the sun went down the laps continued to tick off. Deep into the night this was not the case. This is a long tough course when your tired. My last laps were nearly 2 hours long. I think if I could have got a few more long rides in as training I might have been a bit stronger later in the race. I know, I know, shoulda coulda woulda. In the end we broke out 16 laps, one better then last year. This was good enough for fifth place. I got passed late on the final lap to get pushed back to fifth...Rats!

Before the race I wanted to get at least 15 laps, I'd be very happy with 16, and I wanted to hit the podium. After seeing the competition, I wasn't sure podium would be an option. Here is a shot of the top five in the solo male category, not shown is Tinker, who believe it or not took third. Believe it or not we were just one lap down from him and his crew. Way to go team World Bike Relief-Siren!
Here's a shot of me and Finn looking to the next race. O.P. raced hard...Check...what's next?
Mary and Sean had a strong showing as well. Sean was able to put in 9 laps for his first 24. That's nearly 150 miles. Brad and I were reminiscing about our first 24 hour efforts, Sean would have smoked us. Mary rode hard for her first 24 with her new sponsor Intense. Intense was well represented on the women's podium with two of the top 3 spots. Nice work Mary and Terry! Sarah won the top spot. She was riding hard and put in 15 laps. She and I were rode together for a couple of laps. Way to put the hammer down Sarah!

A huge thanks to Bonnie for getting me there, in more ways then just drive to Tucson. This 24 hour racing thing has grown into something neither of us would have expected years ago. This is a lifestyle choice we've had to make together, as a family. I love it and I love you. Thank you! Brad for all the support, and not just at the race venue. Your friendship through the years has been inspirational and what has dragged me around the race course at times, thanks. Brendan for Siren bicycles. I've never raced better then when I've been on a Siren. Your ideas, designs, and bikes get us where we need to be all season long. Usually it's the podium, but sometimes it's just the store. Sorry Lance but part of it is about the bike, otherwise we'd be running out there...humm, is that what's next Finn? Mary for getting things together at the venue and making sure Finn had a place to hang if it got too cold, hot, dusty, windy, wet, unbearable. Also for time throughout season riding, racing, and talking bikes with me. Steve for any help at any time with the bikes. Marissa for taking care of Finn when Mom and Dad were racing. And to everyone who was watching out there online. Some of you called and left messages, some of you emailed, and all of you thought about us out there. Thank you for your thoughts and positive energy. I know it's what got us thought some of those dark times that creep in. And thank you to Shannon. You could be there in person this time but I knew you were with us the whole race in spirit, and if you know anything about the desert that means something.

So as you can see it takes a village to get a solo racer to reach their goals. I couldn't do it without all of you behind me. I'm truly grateful.

Ride on!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

We head out tomorrow?

It's been a crazy week. Serious snow on Sunday and Monday closed school for two days. The weather effected shipping which ment parts for the new prototype didn't get where they needed to on time. This means I'll be racing the tried and true 55 and Song. I've only done Old Pueblo on hardtails so it'll be fun to see how I like it on the Song. Tonight we are getting things packed up and we are hoping to head out tomorrow first thing in the morning. I don't plan on getting to the venue until the morning of the race. Brendan, Matt, Brad, and Mary are already there so they've got us set up in a great pit. Jason, the race organizer for 12 hours of Temecula is going to race solo too. We are pitting with him as well. He brought along a 5th wheel so I think that's where Finn will catch some shut eye. Going into this one I really have no idea how I'll perform. It's the first time I'll be sporting the World Bike Relief - Siren colors. I know my crew is solid, and the bikes are spot on. I just need to reflect that in my racing.

If you'd like to see how everyone is doing at the race this weekend check it here:

It's going to be a great weekend, Epic rides always puts on fun events. We'll try to remember to take some good pictures. Wish us luck.

Ride on!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Spin on

This the the view from our living room this morning so it looks like my last long ride before Old Pueblo will be on the trainer. This past week most of my training was on a treadmill at the Palmer House. It's fun to run at sea level coming directly from 5,600'. But like I usually do I feel so great the first day that I probably over do it. I broke out 10 miles in an hour and I could feel it the next day. Last year I nearly did a marathon our first day in Chicago and my feet took thew brunt of my stupidity.

The kids did great with their interviews and auditions. Our design student was outstanding, we are very proud of him. Grandma and Grandpa had a good time with Finn, we sure missed him. This is the first time one of us was not with him for longer then a few hours.

Stuff is starting to come together on the new prototype bike. Brendan has made a design change that I'm very excited about. Parts are ordered and on the way. Once again I'll be rolling on Stans NoTubes 355 ZTR's. This wheelset is great! I've races these wheels on my hardtail and Song for a couple of seasons and have been very happy with them. Facerace Deus cranks are on their way as well. Again I've raced these cranks on my hardtail and the only thing I've had to change out are the chainrings. Too many miles and not enough new chains. I'm so bad at changing out my chains. the rest of the parts we'll order early Monday. Brendan is coming to town early in the week so the plan is to have him take parts back to Tucson and build up the bike.

One week and counting, I better get on with my spinning.
Ride on!