Monday, April 26, 2010


Because I almost immediately sheared off my derailleur hanger the long ride I was hoping for turned into a long trail run.
Ride on!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finn and I go out for a hike Friday morning. We stayed mostly on control roads as the trails were covered in snow.
We opened the third show of the season Friday evening. The kids did great and we could not be happier with the student who designed the set. Only qualified students get the chance to design a mainstage production and he sure has proven himself. Since we got nailed with snow again while Grandma has been out for a visit we decided to head down to the dessert for some fun in the sun. I rode down on my Trauco. Here is shot looking back at our mountain just after the hwy crosses the Pacific Crest Trail. Won't be long and we should start to see them dropping into Idyllwild for some much needed r.r.
I had some time so I sliced off a bit of the Palms to Pines trail on my way down.
Beaver tail is in bloom all the way down.
Update on trail conditions of the T.T. course as of this morning...Great! There are some small seasonal streams but nothing to worry about. It should be a fun weekend!
Ride on!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

SoCal? In late April?

You ever wake up and think, 'It's good not to be that duck on the pond'? BUURRRR
So this would have been the weekend of the spring edition of the 24 Hours of Adrenalin at Hurkey Creek. But like so many big chain 24's it's been cancelled. How cool would it have been to be racing in the snow? Well maybe next year. But what is going on the is the Idyllwild Spring Challenge, and unless something crazy happens it should be great conditions. By then the snow will have slowly melted into the ground giving us prefect trail conditions. If that doesn't get you up here thing about how cool it is that you could be supporting World Bicycle Relief while enjoying the San Jacinto Mountains. For details check out the online registration page.
Ride on!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Not a lot of training in the past few days. Just out for runs and short rides when I can.
Had to pick up some lighting equipment in San Diego so that mean some fun at the beach.
A Crab at dog beach? This guys is either brave or totally unaware.

I was on duty this weekend. I got out to the point a couple of times to make sure the kids weren't being kids. I have a feeling if I went to high school here I'd spend many sunsets looking over this view.
On the way back down Southridge, Lucy had to find every patch of snow to cool down.

A bunch of rain is supposed to hit over the next few days so I guess most of my fun will be spent on the trainer. I don't mind running in the rain so maybe a couple of trail runs too.
Ride on!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I thought I would post while I can. Finn is sleeping and Bonnie is in San Diego picking up Grandma from the airport. It's getting to be show time again so she is back in town to take care of us. So far this week I've been able to keep up some good training, thanks to a sleepless nigh last night. Too much on my mind so I got up did an hours worth of sound editing and then started spinning, and spinning, and spinning. It felt good to have a bunch of miles in before anyone was a wake. I believe that's called invisible training. Yesterday the girls and I had to do a lumber run so we stopped off a the south fork trail on the way home for a run. As you can see the south fork is flowing.

This weekend Siren is headed to Sea Otter. Brendan and Mary will be there flying the colors and talking Divide. If you are there be sure to check out the screening the the documentary about the race. I got to see a preview and it's a well made file about a great adventure. I plan on getting a copy to watch while spinning and dreaming.

Ride on!

Monday, April 12, 2010

This weekend I got in a great hike with Gary and Cool Hand. We went down to the Indian Canyons near Palm Springs. I also got a history lesson, from one of its key players. I won't go into great detail but back in the early 80's developers wanted to use this land for condos and a golf course (just what this area needs). Gary was one of just a few people to head up and unite several groups to stop this from happening. Now it is preserved and set aside as Indian land, very cool.

Here is a shot looking back on our mountain. You just see the storm peeking over the top. As I understand it it was cold and cloudy all day back home, we enjoyed sunshine and 80s.

Looking down on Palm Canyon

One of many oasis.

It was a lot of fun with one exception. As we were hiking along we saw bike tracks on trails where bikes should never be. This really gives mt. bikers a bad name, and it's dangerous. Mt. bikes are fast, quite and scare the heck out of horses, and hikers. Poaching trails just sucks.
Ride on, the right trails!

Friday, April 9, 2010

The girls have been getting a little stir-crazy so we got out for a good run this morning. We shot up Deer Springs trail. We found our camera, but not before we bought a new on so you'll be seeing more pictures. This is a view from a spot just off the trail.
We're still seeing patches of snow at 6300'.
This week training has been o.k. A lot of spinning, partly because of weather, partly because of time. This weekend Gary and I are planning on hiking the Indian Canyons down in Palm Springs. If all goes well I'll ride down and meet him.
Ride on!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hey we're wrapping up spring break today. It's been a good break and we're looking forward to seeing the kids again. It's a cool time of year because college acceptances start rolling in. One of our Designers spend some time in Liverpool over break checking out L.I.P.A. Another of our Stage Managers spent a big chunk of her break out east looking into a few of the great schools over there. It's bitter sweet to watch our students make these life decisions and move on to the next phase of their lives. What's really great is getting to work with your former students after they've gone off to that next phase. This last quarter of the year we'll be working with Trevor, who just graduated from CalArts last spring. He'll be working on the last mainstage as well as helping out around campus with all that happens in the closing months.

I better talk a little cycling before Finn gets up...I was a little behind where I wanted to be before break but since then I've made up some of my deficit. I think over the next couple of months I should be happy to maintain and not worry about gaining much. Work is going to be crazy, and when all is said and done I will be too. We made some decisions on the road bike. Since we are having trouble coming up with a rear end Siren is going to build me an aluminum bike for the summer and fab the carbon bike so it is ready when I get back in September. This should move things along and get me riding is a new position soon. For the last day of break I might ride back up from Hemet and go hiking with Gray. I already go my spinning in so I'm good there.

Happy Easter, or good Sunday to ya, or both,
Ride on!