Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Training was good this weekend. I got to pre-ride the San Jacinto Enduro. The plan was to get up nice and early to get a jump on the day. I rolled out of bed at 3:45 and was on the bike by 4:00. I got to the Lake Hemet Market, were all loops start and finish, around 4:30. Just a heads up, it's cold at the market at that time of day, and mind you we were having unseasonably warm weather. I guessing by mid Oct. it'll be down right frigid. I've never ridden Rouse Ridge so I think I'll need to go back and hit it again, most of my ride on Sunday was in the dark, I'll bet the views are amazing in the daylight. At the bottom I refilled my water and was headed back up to Idyllwild. At the top of the climb, at the Idyllwild Arts campus, there is another opportunity to refill water bottles. I think this loop a rider should be able to do it with just two big water bottles, but if you want to be safe a pack isn't a bad idea. With the course passing just a couple of miles from my house I decided to swing by and see Bonnie and Finn since they would be gone off the hill most of the day and I wouldn't get to see them until evening. After that I shot up to Cowbell and down to May Valley on some super fun single track. This part of the loop makes all of that climbing I did well worth it.

Loop one concludes off of Hurkey Creek and back to the Lake Hemet Market. I refueled at Hurkey Creek where the water is free, however if you want snackens then the market is the place to go. Loop two was hot this weekend. Like I said earlier I think it'll be considerably cooler in a few weeks. Nice views all along this loop.
On this loop I'd take two bottles and a pack. It's shorter then the first loop but there aren't any places to stop for water, once you're out there...you're out there. There is horse traffic on this loop so be sure to keep that in mind when coming around blind curves and always give them the right on way. The only place on the entire Enduro you might encounter hikers is on the Ramona trail. This is a fun decent with some good techy stuff to test you after a long day in the saddle.
One thing I really like about this course is it's set up to be social. Here's what I mean...there is a lot of double track and control road. Offering ample time to ride side by side taking in the beauty of the San Jacinos. Riding this course is a fun way to wrap up a good season of racing and training. So if you get a chance treat yourself to one more good hard day of mountain biking fun this season!
For more info just go to www.sirenbicycles.com look at the shop blog.
Ride on!

Monday, September 21, 2009

I had a fun weekend watching the race. Bonnie dropped me off at Cowbell and I ran a few trails down through May Valley, in fact they were the trails that Brendan and I rode earlier in the week. I made it to the half way point on the course in time to see the first of the racers come through. As the racers thinned out I started to run the course in the opposite direction of the race. I just love watching a race in this way. I get some good trail running in and I see more of the action from all over the course. Bonnie and Finn met me at start/finish after I got 2.5 laps in. We hung out there to cheer on the usual suspects, folks that I 've raced over the years.

I was talking my teammate Brad this morning and have come to realize that we're never happy where we are when it comes to racing. While racing we think gosh it would be fun to just watch a race. While watching I was itching to be out there with everybody racing. Oh well I guess that's what keeps us moving forward.

Sunday I went down to watch the closing hours of the race. The winners of each cat. were pretty much set and everyone was looking spent. I stayed until about 9:30 and then headed over to the ranch for a hike with Gary and Cool Hand. The rest of the day was spent like a Sunday, some homework, football, light run with Finn and time out on deck goofing around. We ended the day wishing for one more Sunday in the week.

Ride on!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I hit it early yesterday so was able to get some good miles in before work. Did a bunch of climbing too. Later in the morning I got together with Brendan for some fun down in May Valley. He was working on details for the San J. enduro so we rode some of one of the loops. It should be a fun event, if your in the area you gotta give it a try. While riding we talked about some of the cool things he has brewing at Siren. We also chatted about the RAAM bikes he is conceiving for Brad and I. Not to mention a little something in the works for Finn. Overall it was a great morning of riding that Brendan and I haven't shared in far too long.

Today I'll take what I can. I've already got some spinning in, and Finn and I will run some trails to school. But other than that maybe just some commuter miles tonight running or riding, I'll see what I feel like. Yesterday we checked out part of the Hurkey Creek 24 hour loop. They are doing a nice job of removing some of the sand so it should be a fast lap. I'm looking forward to watching the race. I just hope there are more 24 hour racers at this fall event then there were at the spring event. Best of luck to all who race!

Ride on!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

We're back to it again, work that is. Meetings all week, and students will be showing up all weekend long. Time has been tight so I've been getting up early and spinning. Any other riding and running I can get in throughout the day is a bonus. Luckily I've been able to sneak in runs and rides each day. Next weekend we have a local 24 hour race that I think I'm going to pass on. With Moab only about a month away I think I'll get one more long day of riding in but racing might be a bit too much.

I'm really looking forward to racing Moab. I've done a bit of riding there when we've passed through on our summer trips to and from Wisconsin and always had fun. I've never made it out to the race course so the only info I have on these trails is what I've gleaned from teammates. It sounds like it'll be brutal, I can't wait.

Ride on!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

number 9...number 9...number 9...

Ride on!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

All kinds of riding yesterday. Pulled Finn around town in the trailer, in the afternoon I spun and in the evening I hit the trails. I was supposed to ride with some friends but I was running a bit late and missed them. With a the trails fresh from the afternoon rain I was able to track them but never able to catch them. This was the first I got my new Song out on the Idyllwild trails and it felt great. Nice and nibble in the tight turns and it was just jumping over the rocky techy stuff. I gotta get it down to Hurkey and see how it rides there.

Today time will be tight so it looks like just spinning in the morning and then maybe some riding with Finn in the afternoon. We'll have to sneak in a stop at the park. This evening Gary and I are planning on a hike.

Ride on!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gary, Cool Hand and I went for a hike yesterday. It was cool to watch a storm build as the afternoon passed on. We got hit with rain as Gary was pulling the tack off the horse so timing was just about perfect. Got home to find we didn't get any rain at all, rats.

Today Finn and Bonnie are headed off the hill this afternoon so I'll get some riding in then. The trip down to see the shop didn't pan out so instead Brendan Dave and I are going to do some riding in May Valley this evening.

Hey no rain yesterday but it's falling now, gotta go!

Ride on!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I hit the trails running yesterday. I put in about 14 miles with 3,000' of climbing, topped out at 8,500'. I've heard Moab is a good race for adventure racers so I guess I've been training like one.

Good news on our fire front. As of yesterday there was full containment. Today Gary and I are planning on a hike down in Mountain Center and after this post I'll enjoy a spin on the trainer. I gotta get some good training in before work starts up.

Ride on!