Monday, November 29, 2010

The seasons are changing out here in CA. This time of year I switch from outdoor spinning to indoor. Because of this change my view goes from this:
To this:
I also switch from N.P.R. downloads to dvds and old race coverage of the Tour and Ironman.
We had a week off for Thanksgiving. Taylor our niece came out for a visit so we were off the hill a bunch doing all things SoCal. I didn't get a lot of time to train but when I did it was mostly spent on the trails running. With a snow it's a little tricky but that just means using some different muscle groups to avoid slipping. I got my new Petzl Myo headlamp last week. I look forward to putting it to the test with some night runs this week. I went with the belt pack to keep the weight off my head and extend the battery life.
Ride on!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Finn and the girls and I hit the trails this morning. I thought it might be good for us to get out before the snow starts to fly this weekend. Yep, I said snow. And you know why it's going to snow? Because our niece Taylor is coming from Wisconsin for a visit and every time someone from Wisconsin comes out for a visit they bring their weather with them.
Having a Dad that likes to do endurance events Finn has learned the value of rest.
Ride on!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Man it gets dark quick now a days. I thought I would ride home last night but no lights meant driving, rats. I guess I should just have lights with me when I leave in the morning. The flip side is it's pretty light by 6 a.m. and relatively warm by 8. The nights are getting pretty cool, we've have fires just about every night this week. I gotta admit I do better with running when it's cold then I do biking. This weekend Eric and I are hoping to get a good ride in down in La Quinta. Maybe we'll head up the mountain for bit of a work out. Whatever we decide it'll be fun.

Ride on!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Well the show closed, we've had our first production meeting for the next show, Eurydice, Grandma is on her way home, and off season is over. Work is slowing down a bit so now I can think about next season and start training again. As usual nothing too serious. Just spinning and running. I think I'll concentrate more on running up through the first of the year. Last year I was on a bike a lot so I think this will be good cross training. I'm tempted to sign up for 12 hours of Temecula this weekend just to see what a month of goofing around does to a body. Well better run, and I mean that. I have class in about an hour and a half and if I want to get some trail time in I gotta run.

Ride on!

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's show time again so that means Grandma is in town to take care of us. Finn and I went down to San Diego last week to pick her up, as well as some lighting equipment. While waiting for her flight to come in we killed some time at Seaside Village.

This week is tech week so not a lot of time to hit the trails. Me and the girls have been getting some runs in, but nothing serious. We come across some new trails around campus that I'm excited to try on a bike. It can probably go without saying, but not a lot of time for blogging, gotta run.

Ride on!