Wednesday, December 22, 2010

With rain falling nonstop for nearly the past week there is not a lot to report. All my riding has been on a trainer. I've got out for a few runs, but nothing serious. I'm getting a little cabin fever. Up in the high country it's been snowing. If I can get up there without getting too wet it could be a lot of fun.

I think we all kind of knew it but yesterday it was confirmed. Bonnie is a bit of an endurance athlete too. She goes to Town Hall to work out at a Jazzersize class most days. She found out that after she pulls yet another two-a-day today (she is doing today's first work out as I write this) she will have gone to class 200 time this year. Keep in mind that we are out of town for nearly 4 months out of the year. Way to go Bonn!

Ride on!


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