Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hey we're back in WI. Got home a day sooner than we thought. Finn was a good traveler, and the girls were too. My ribs really stared bothering me in the fourth day. Bonnie could tell because it was affecting my mood, so I broke down and took some ibu. I hadn't taken any before because I figured the pain was a good warning for me not to move in certain ways. Well the pain was constant so it didn't matter. We had a nice treat along the way, the RAAM. Since I was a kid I can remember dreaming about this race. It just seemed so fantastic, so unbelievable, so out of reach. We got a chance to stop and talk with some crew members, and cheer a few racers on. It was amazing! Bonnie asked if I'd ever want to do it, and said 'heck yeah!' It looks like we going to give it a go. We called Brad, ya know the guy who took third at Big Bear, and asked if he was down. It looks like Siren WBR will have two racers taking a shot at some road endurance racing. Hey if Tinker can do a little cross over why can't we? Brendan at Siren is cranking up the think tank on this one. He always has such great bicycle design ideas, I can't wait to see what he comes up with for this one.

Since we've been back I got on the bike just see if I still know how to ride. I got out for an hour or so yesterday and could tell I had hurt myself. Today I'll get out for more of the same. Just easy spinning to keep my legs. I don't know if I'll get much stronger before 9 mile but I sure won't loose any fitness.

Ride on!

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