Sunday, October 4, 2009

All of Bonnie's softball games were in the morning so we headed off the hill to run some errands in the afternoon. The plan was after we were done she would drop me off and I'd run home. Well things popped up as they will and with the days getting shorter I ran out of time. Plan B was for me to get up early this morning and go for a long run.

I didn't get out too early, about 6:30. Finn woke up early so I hung with him to give Mom a little more sack time. She still has more softball today so she needs her rest. Did I mention that she played three games before noon yesterday!

It was cool this morning. As I started up the control road to the South Ridge trail head the sun was coming up. This shot is fuzzy but it's a look west where the clouds are still below the hill.

As you can see still sunny on my way down to May Valley.
Came across this little guy trying to get warm in the morning sunshine, I was doing the same.

Several mountain blue birds were taking advantage of this water source.
It felt good to get out for a few hours on a nice easy trail run. It's a great way to start the day. This afternoon I hope to get my bikes up and running for Moab. Bonnie is at her first game of the day right now and Finn is napping. Hopefully he'll get up in time of us to catch Bonnie's next game.
Ride on!
Go Packers!


Ben W said...

I've been blogstalking you for a while. I got to your blog while checking out Siren bikes. I ride a Trek top fuel 69er and really like the mixed wheel platform. I'll be riding 24 solo at Moab too. I'm a fellow Wisconsinite who has moved to Littleton, CO. If I see you out there I'll say hi. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

It's pretty awesome having three guys in the TOP TEN of the 24 solo points series this year!

Congrats Todd!