Thursday, October 15, 2009

Recovery is going well. No real time on the bike, just commuting and spinning. I got in some running yesterday and this morning. But for the most part I'm just taking it easy. This is a good time to slow down on training as work is really picking up. We are in the thick of it in the scene shop. Next week we have a studio show that goes up Wed. and then the orchestra concert is this the weekend after that.

This weekend the plan is to stick around. It'll be a good time to get the bikes cleaned up and take care of some stuff around the house. Ahh the off season. Ride when it fits in, cross train all the time, do it because it's fun, not because you should.

Ride on! or whatever trips your trigger!

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Chester Gillmore said...

Yes.... The first month of the off season is AWEEEEEESOME...
But it isnt long before all I can think about is 20 hour weeks.

Todd & Team Siren- world Bicycle relief-
WAY TO FREAKING GO OUT THERE!! Nice job at 24 hours of MOAB... I hear that course is no joke.

Keep up the good work!