Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mom and Pancho Villa got the garden in. Now let's hope the deer and the rain cooperate. If so, we'll have quite a harvest. As you can see we are back in WI. After a fun trip across country we are back were it all started. This morning I got up early and put in some good time on the trainer. I'll spend the week on the trainer and Song. Friday I head down to Chicago where Sean and I will build up the road bike. Speaking of Sean, he raced the Lumberjack today, I hope he had a blast. While coming cross country I was keeping a close eye on the RAAM. I was following Paul Carpenter pretty close as he is a professor and the university where I got my M.F.A. and for simple reasons...we share the same last name. He had to pull out early do to things that the RAAM will cook up. I hope to get in touch with him once the dust settles. When I was thinking of doing the RAW he was a great help, and I know I could use his sage advice for the 508.

Ride on!

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