Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This has been what riding has been like lately.
Nothing too hard, and usually with friends. I been working with past members of biking club so we try to get out on the trails around campus when we have time. Tomorrow we are headed down to Hurkey creek to do a lap. It should be fun, I haven't ridden out there since last fall. This weekend we'll be running the Idyllwild 10k. Running club thought it would be a fun way to end the year and I couldn't agree more. We'll run the race, get cleaned up, head over to graduation, and then...SUMMER!

An update on the road bike. I won't be going with a Siren. Things are really taking off at Siren which means time is tight. I need to get on a road bike as soon as summer starts and there just isn't room in the line up to pump out a road bike. And let's face it Siren is after all a company that builds and designs great mountain bikes, and only once in a great while pumps out a road bike, time permitting. I got a great deal from Bear Valley Bikes over in Big Bear. Eric will be dropping it off later this week. Then the plan is once we get back to Wisconsin, head down to Chicago and have a good friend, who works at Johnny Sprockets, finish building the bike up and have me fitted. Then pack on the miles.

Ride on!

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