Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This past weekend was great. I got my first long ride in on the road bike and it felt nice. The trip was about 200 miles with 5,000' of climbing. Conditions were prefect, nice tailwind, light traffic, and moderate temps. To be honest it was a little too nice, it didn't even feel like training.
The rest of the weekend was spent boating, jet skiing, fishing and just general fun with my family. Finn caught his first fish, and grandpa was there to help. Sunday was a big day not only for our country but my family as another Carpenter took to the starting line. Cait, my brother's daughter, competed in a local triathlon. It's a small low key event that draws some pretty serious folks as well as a lot of people just out for a good time. I was able to ride along with her during the bike portion and her sister ran along with her to the end. Next year it sounds like Cait's brother and sister might compete as well. How cool would that be? Watch out Steve and Connie, a good tri bike will cost you $2,000. Too bad your kids aren't all the same size.

Here is a shot of Cait and her friend that got her into tri before the race.

Here is Cait just after she finished. She should be proud, it looks like she pushed hard.

This next week I think I'll slip back into a routine again. I'll probably get more spinning in as the Tour has started. Not only that but we are in that time of year where T-storms are predicted daily.

Ride on!

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