Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back on the Hill

Hey we're back on the mountain. After a relatively painless 12 hours of travel we pulled into town about mid afternoon. On a much needed walk to town to get the mail and some fixin's for the third square of the day I saw that Brendan was in the shop so I stopped in. We got to talking about the new secret ride. There is nothing else like it out there. We'll be showing it off at Old Pueblo. I just hope I'm as fast as this bike will be.

Yesterday was a good day on the hill. It started with walking the girls and then hanging out with Finn while Bonnie got some things done around the house. When Finn went down for a nap I got an hour and a half of spinning in. In the afternoon I went on a hike with Gray and his horse Cool Hand. The evening was spent chasing Finn until he went to sleep for the night. Then we did the same not too long after that.

Today we are back to work. We have some students coming in to get some much needed work done on the set. It looks like training won't happen until tonight.

Ride on!