Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Looking Forward

Time to put a wrap on this year and look forward to a new one. '08 has been good, but I'm really looking forward to '09. Finn is getting around on his own very well, which means he and I can get out hiking for longer distances. Maybe once the snow melts off in the spring we can get to the high country. Things are growing at Siren and Brendan has some new ideas. I hope to debut a new bike at Old Pueblo. As always I've learned things at each race I've done so '09 looks to be another strong season. It's been good racing for Siren the past couple of seasons and now that we are teamed up with World Bicycles Relief, things are really looking good.

Here's to hoping your '08 was good and that your '09 will be even better!

Ride on!


Luke said...

Cheers to '09!! Very much looking forward to it all!

Chris said...

Every ride is a learning experience -- you're going to kill it this year! Cheers!

Scott Cole said...

Have a great 2009! I'm hoping to see you at a few races if everything falls into place. Scott

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