Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ahh the power of Bicycles. Here is a shot as the racers come into sight during an early race in the day. Here is a shot as the racer whizz by in the last race of the day.
Finn and I have by hitting Super Week pretty hard this past week. For those who don't know Super week is actually more like Super couple of Weeks. It a series of road and crit races that take place primarily in South Eastern Wisconsin each July. It ranges from cat. 5 to pro so there is a lot of good racing to be had. I gotta tell ya every time I watch a crit. I'm so impressed with how well they all move together. I don't think I'll ever do such a race. I would be the guy everyone is mad at because I can't hold, what should be 'my line'. No I'd much rather stick with the 24 hour mountain biking where I could go an entire lap without seeing anyone. Much safer for me and the other racers.
So speaking of 24 hour racing...Things are coming together. My new rim came in yesterday, so this afternoon I made some decisions and got some tires mounted up. I'm going to start with Kenda Small Block 8 front and rear, like I've done the past two years. Then because it looks like rain is on the way and things could get sloppy, I mean it's call 9 mile swamp, I've mounted up some more aggressive tires for the slop should I need them. My fork is on it's way back from SRAM and boy did it need a lot of work. I need to get together with my teammate Brad to get the cassette off my old rim and put it on my new one. Then all systems should be go as far as bikes are concerned. We'll get all the other stuff figured out as the week goes on.
Tomorrow I think Finn and I are off to the lakefront to watch more racing, if the weather cooperates.
Ride on!

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Anonymous said...

We miss you guys! Good luck this weekend. We'll be watching and rooting for you.