Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quick post, Grandma is reading Finn a bedtime story. I got another ride up north this weekend. It only took me 10.5 hours, what a difference a little wind makes. This week it's all about staying healthy, and keeping the fitness I have. Things are coming logistically. Chris is taking care of getting us a great pit. I've been in touch with Stan's about getting a new rear wheel. After 2.5 years of racing and training a rim started to crack. Not too bad considering the beating it took. You really gotta check these wheels out. I wouldn't replace it with the same rim if I didn't think it was of the highest quality. I've been in contact with my pit which is going to be awesome. The 25 of July is my nieces birthday, she has been asking for years to stay for the entire race, this year she will be. More later...Finn is sleepy and it's the All Star Game.

Ride on!

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