Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back in CA

We had a good trip back. First night we stopped at Anita Lake in Iowa. Great campgrounds nice lake. Next couple of nights were spent in Colorado. I managed to sneak in some riding here. I got to ride a bit of Loveland pass. Next night was Moab. We eyed up our condo for the race in Oct. The last nigh we camped in Oak Creek Canyon just below Flagstaff. This was the place where we started our trip back to WI back in June so it just seemed right to end the summer the way we started it. Here too I managed to squeeze in a ride.

The day after we returned, only 24 hours after we pulled into town we were greeted with a forest fire that broke out just 5 miles down the hill. As of this morning 2200 have been burned and it's only 10% contained. Gary, Cool Hand (horse), and I did a hike yesterday morning and the air quality was poor. Later in the afternoon I ran up Deersprings to Suicide Rock. The air was pretty clean up there and it felt good to do some trail running. Today we might head down to Palm Springs to get some groceries. If all goes well I'll ride down, we'll see. Fin is sleeping so time to spin.

Ride on!

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