Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hey quick update. I know what's with summers off and no time to post...I don't know??? We're all recovered from the race. I've been mixing it up with running, riding and playing at the park. Still doing more research on the RAAM, and ramping up for Moab. I might be able to get together with Chris this weekend for a trial ride. Looking forward to getting out with Brendan and Mary when we get back to CA. As always, Go PACKERS!

Ride on!


Taylor Lideen said...

Hey Todd its Taylor Lideen. It sounds like you are goin to be in Moab this year. Are you racing the Hurkey Creek race in September? Hope all is well.

Bandit said...

I'm now sure yet. I've raced four 24's in the past three or four might be fun to do five this year?