Thursday, September 17, 2009

I hit it early yesterday so was able to get some good miles in before work. Did a bunch of climbing too. Later in the morning I got together with Brendan for some fun down in May Valley. He was working on details for the San J. enduro so we rode some of one of the loops. It should be a fun event, if your in the area you gotta give it a try. While riding we talked about some of the cool things he has brewing at Siren. We also chatted about the RAAM bikes he is conceiving for Brad and I. Not to mention a little something in the works for Finn. Overall it was a great morning of riding that Brendan and I haven't shared in far too long.

Today I'll take what I can. I've already got some spinning in, and Finn and I will run some trails to school. But other than that maybe just some commuter miles tonight running or riding, I'll see what I feel like. Yesterday we checked out part of the Hurkey Creek 24 hour loop. They are doing a nice job of removing some of the sand so it should be a fast lap. I'm looking forward to watching the race. I just hope there are more 24 hour racers at this fall event then there were at the spring event. Best of luck to all who race!

Ride on!

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