Thursday, September 3, 2009

All kinds of riding yesterday. Pulled Finn around town in the trailer, in the afternoon I spun and in the evening I hit the trails. I was supposed to ride with some friends but I was running a bit late and missed them. With a the trails fresh from the afternoon rain I was able to track them but never able to catch them. This was the first I got my new Song out on the Idyllwild trails and it felt great. Nice and nibble in the tight turns and it was just jumping over the rocky techy stuff. I gotta get it down to Hurkey and see how it rides there.

Today time will be tight so it looks like just spinning in the morning and then maybe some riding with Finn in the afternoon. We'll have to sneak in a stop at the park. This evening Gary and I are planning on a hike.

Ride on!

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