Monday, September 21, 2009

I had a fun weekend watching the race. Bonnie dropped me off at Cowbell and I ran a few trails down through May Valley, in fact they were the trails that Brendan and I rode earlier in the week. I made it to the half way point on the course in time to see the first of the racers come through. As the racers thinned out I started to run the course in the opposite direction of the race. I just love watching a race in this way. I get some good trail running in and I see more of the action from all over the course. Bonnie and Finn met me at start/finish after I got 2.5 laps in. We hung out there to cheer on the usual suspects, folks that I 've raced over the years.

I was talking my teammate Brad this morning and have come to realize that we're never happy where we are when it comes to racing. While racing we think gosh it would be fun to just watch a race. While watching I was itching to be out there with everybody racing. Oh well I guess that's what keeps us moving forward.

Sunday I went down to watch the closing hours of the race. The winners of each cat. were pretty much set and everyone was looking spent. I stayed until about 9:30 and then headed over to the ranch for a hike with Gary and Cool Hand. The rest of the day was spent like a Sunday, some homework, football, light run with Finn and time out on deck goofing around. We ended the day wishing for one more Sunday in the week.

Ride on!

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Brendan said...

Looking forward to Moab!