Friday, November 6, 2009

Another opening, another show! Yep that's right we open tonight. If you're in town and lookin' to take in a little Irish comedy show starts at 7:30 sharp. It's been a long week but worth it. The set looks great, the kids did an outstanding job on it. Looking at the set you can't believe that just weeks ago some of the kids didn't even know how to use a tape measure.

With the show opening that means it's time to get back on the bike. Don't get me wrong I've enjoyed all of the running and hiking I've been doing but it's time to make sure I still know how to put in some long saddle time. Tomorrow we are headed down to Palm Springs to soak up some sun and hang out. The plan is for me to leave a couple hours ahead of everybody else on my bike and meet them down there. I'm really looking forward to it, the last day off Bonnie or I had was the weekend of Moab.

This week I'm hoping to get a bike fitting in. Now that we've got some time Brendan and I can start figuring out this new rode bike. I'm really excited about moving in his new direction. Kind of like when I first started going 24s.

Ride on!

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