Monday, November 9, 2009

The show went well. The kids did a great job and I heard many well deserved complements being showered on them. Now it's time to get be to the regular schedule, sort of. I'll start getting my morning spin beginning Wednesday. Tomorrow I have to take grandma to the San Diego airport and hopefully squeeze in a bike fitting. Then I guess the regular schedule will be effect for almost a week, until Bonnie leaves town to adjudicate the Wisconsin State One Act Festival. Then Finn will dictate the schedule. Ya know come to think of it what is the regular schedule? I mean things are always popping up. It would be a dull existence if they didn't. Speaking of which I'm off to a production meeting for the next show, we don't mess around here.

The girls and I got out for a hike this morning, I know where's Chance? She didn't want her picture taken I guess.

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Anonymous said...

Where is that boulder in the bottom picture?