Monday, February 15, 2010

Another week another blog update. This week went by quick, with a lot of highlights. First of all Finn got to meet Alex. It will be cool watching these two grow up. And if I thought this week when by fast, I can only imagine how fast these guys will grow up.
I got a package on Thursday. Sean sent my wheels from Johnny Sprockets in Chicago. These will be the foundation of the new Siren road bike. I know very little about road bikes but as I understand it tubeless systems are new to the scene. I'll be very excited to give them a whirl. This week Brendan is going to be working on getting the frame built up so I could be riding it in another week or so. I can't wait!

This weekend we did something different. Instead of hanging out in the desert near Oracle AZ we enjoyed Bonnie's birthday in a more conventional way. Yep, we didn't race Old Pueblo this year. Things weren't lining up to make this race happen so we decided to stay home and have some time to just be was great! It also gave me some time to work on another cycling goal. I got my application in to race the Furnace Creek 508. Check it out it's a very cool event. I find out Friday if we are in or not, so keep your fingers crossed.
Ride on!

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