Monday, February 8, 2010

Well we had to let grandma go this morning, that meant the girls and I go some time at the beach after dropping Grandma off at the San Diego Airport. It was great having her out here for such an extended visit. We couldn't manage work and the Chicago trip without her. We sure are lucky that she is willing to come out and take care of us.

It's always a blast running and playing along the Ocean. I have to admit being a Midwestern boy it's always a little surreal going from snow and cold to sharing a beach with surfers. This morning it was business as usual. Up before Finn for and hour or so of spinning. I didn't get much else in with the exception of goofing around with the dogs. Tomorrow I'll do the same and maybe get some time running the trails. Looks like another storm is on the way so the trails are still off limits for the bike. Snow level for this one should be around 3,500' so no rain for us.
Ride on!

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