Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Got some good news late last week. Looks like we'll be racing the Furnace Creek 508 in October. This news was mixed with some more good news and some bad. Teammate Brad also got in, however our former student and good friend Eric did not. Maybe we can talk Eric into helping out on the crew, he would definitely be an asset.

In other news I think we've wrapped up all of the planning for the road bike. Brendan and I got together Sunday and hammered out the specifics. Orders are being made this week and fab should start next week. I'm also looking forward to getting my new full 29er built up. The frame is all done I just need to find the time to slap some parts on it.

Training has been more of the same, spin early, run later, hike in between. These are images of me, Finn and the girls out for our weekly Saturday morning hike.

Ride on!

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