Thursday, March 11, 2010

Been hitting the trails the past couple of days, just running. All of my riding has been on the trainer. This week I've been able to get up before Finn and put in some saddle time. With day light savings coming up I should be able to get some more time on the trails after work. In the winter I tend to run on the road at night, it's just faster when it's dark. Tomorrow morning Gary and I are going to hike the loop trail. A hike with him is long over due.

This week I plan on building up my new Siren Trauco. This will be the bike I race at the Julian Death March. It's seems a few of us from Idyllwild will be heading down the take on the challenge of the March. Last year it truly was a Death March. I think the course is pretty similar to last year so I'll know what I'm getting into.
Ride on!

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