Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I guess I'm knid of an endurance junky. I like the idea of push one's limits, finding out how far they can go, discovering there is always a little more in there to give. Today the Iditarod dog sled race will see its 2010 winner cross under the burled arch in Nome this afternoon. I've been watching even closer this year as one of it's best known racers, and father to one of our students is racing for the last time. Jeff King has won he race four times, an accomplishment only a hand full of racers can claim. It looks like the man who has won the Iditarod the past there years will be winning for a fourth, joining Jeff in this elite club. All of my viewing has been on line and I'm hoping either discovery or Versus will cover the race like they have in the past. And speaking of Versus I have it back again! Just yesterday Directv picked it up again. I got to watch the last stage of Paris Nice. Just in time for the spring classics.

So it sounds like all I've been doing is sitting around watching other people race. O.K. that's partly true, but I can do that and spin at the same time. Better run, I've got to meet Bonn and Finn at school in about an hour and Lucy and I want to squeeze as much trail running in as we can.

Ride on!


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