Sunday, May 2, 2010

Finn and I started our day with a hike with the girls. After that we headed to Hurkey Creek to watch the Idyllwild Spring Challenge. It looked well attended and Finn enjoyed cheering the racers as they passed.

After a couple of hours at Hurkey it was time to get Finn home for a nap and for me to go for a ride. I thought hitting Rouse Ridge down to Hemet and back up would be good. A view from Rouse Ridge looking back at Lake Hemet.
About 11 miles up the ridge I spotted some mt. lion tracks. Of course you only find these when you're working your tail off to go 3 miles and hour.
A look at what I got to descend after a little 12 miles of mostly climbing. It wouldn't be a spring ride without at least one snake encounter.
We're now off to see Mary in the Divide movie.
Ride on!

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