Sunday, May 16, 2010

I needed to head down to San Diego for light equipment so the girls and I took advantage. It started out with a sunrise hike along the way...
and then some time at the beach. I though I'd get a picture of something other then Chance and Lucy romping around in the surf.
Training has been light this past week, i think it'll stay that way until school is over for the year. We are already dreaming of summer, trying to figure out which way we should go to get back to WI. Thinking about friends and family we miss so much, and reminiscing about the places and roads I started my love of the bike on.
But before all of that here are shows to be done. We start tech week for the final mainstage show of our season. We have guest set designer, another one of our former students. He is doing a great job and it's fun working with him again. Also worth noting the light designer is a current student. He gets put to the test today at first tech, I can't wait to see his design in action. The person who designed the second show of the season is back designing in the dance department. Also very good to have him back on the hill. The only bad part is the three of us have only managed to get out for one ride. We have got to work on this. On of them is from Big Bear, home of the mountain stage of this years Tour of CA. The stage almost goes right past his house. If we didn't have a show on the day of the mt. stage we'd be staying at his place for sure. Oh well, watching stage racing on T.V. while sitting on your trainer is better for you.
Ride on!

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