Thursday, February 12, 2009

We head out tomorrow?

It's been a crazy week. Serious snow on Sunday and Monday closed school for two days. The weather effected shipping which ment parts for the new prototype didn't get where they needed to on time. This means I'll be racing the tried and true 55 and Song. I've only done Old Pueblo on hardtails so it'll be fun to see how I like it on the Song. Tonight we are getting things packed up and we are hoping to head out tomorrow first thing in the morning. I don't plan on getting to the venue until the morning of the race. Brendan, Matt, Brad, and Mary are already there so they've got us set up in a great pit. Jason, the race organizer for 12 hours of Temecula is going to race solo too. We are pitting with him as well. He brought along a 5th wheel so I think that's where Finn will catch some shut eye. Going into this one I really have no idea how I'll perform. It's the first time I'll be sporting the World Bike Relief - Siren colors. I know my crew is solid, and the bikes are spot on. I just need to reflect that in my racing.

If you'd like to see how everyone is doing at the race this weekend check it here:

It's going to be a great weekend, Epic rides always puts on fun events. We'll try to remember to take some good pictures. Wish us luck.

Ride on!

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