Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just the boys

Bonnie headed off the hill today to take care of errands so it was just me and Finn for the day. It started of with dropping Mom off at Jazzersize. Then it was off to the dump and over to run the girls in May Valley. We pick Mom up after class then Finn took a nap. Mom headed out and I spun. When Finn got up we ate lunch and then out for a run/hike. We ended up doing about a half marathon. I guess since we both did it together we nearly did a marathon. We started with a run up to Humber and up Devils Slide a bit. Back down and the over on Scenic Tail. Then we just ran around on the streets of Idyllwild.

Here's Finn enjoying a water break. As you can see there was snow to contend with. Snow was anywhere form a foot deep to nonexistent. I don't think, however there was any more than 100 yards of clear tails at a stretch.
We took advantage of the stretch of clear trail to get Finn out of the backpack and stretch out a bit. When he gets the chance to really hike I think he's going to love it.
Tomorrow I have running and biking clubs in the morning and then I think Gary and I are going to try and get out for a ride/hike with the horses.
Ride on!

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