Friday, February 27, 2009

Midwest dreamin'

I have a confession. I'm soft. I've been checking friends blogs from back in the Midwest. I've been looking at weather reports. These guys are riding in stuff I wouldn't even consider thinking about about going out in. I grew up in Waukesha Wisconsin. I know how bad things can get in the winter. When I lived there I would be out year round, because I knew that after October the next 'nice' day we would have would be sometime in April. Come to think of it it was usually Good Friday, the day us Catholics had to stay inside only to leave the house to go to church. Yeah it would be the first 60 degree day sunny day we'd have seen since before Halloween. O.K. I digress. I guess my point is in the 10 or so years we've been out here I've become...dare I say it...a fair weather rider. Now I'll race in any conditions, but I guess riding is another story for me. I know if I was living back in WI full time I would be out in the stuff. But as I sit here on my deck, listing to the seasonal stream born from snow melt, in my shorts and T shirt I can't help but think those Midwestern boys are tough. I used to be tough.

Ride on! The guys back home are.

Ride on!



Yup I got out yesterday 'cause it was 25 with no wind here in appleton. I read about guys doing it everyday.

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting on the trainer waiting for 60 degree weather well maybe 50 got sick of many layers of cloths.getting to be an old(75) wimp