Saturday, February 7, 2009

Spin on

This the the view from our living room this morning so it looks like my last long ride before Old Pueblo will be on the trainer. This past week most of my training was on a treadmill at the Palmer House. It's fun to run at sea level coming directly from 5,600'. But like I usually do I feel so great the first day that I probably over do it. I broke out 10 miles in an hour and I could feel it the next day. Last year I nearly did a marathon our first day in Chicago and my feet took thew brunt of my stupidity.

The kids did great with their interviews and auditions. Our design student was outstanding, we are very proud of him. Grandma and Grandpa had a good time with Finn, we sure missed him. This is the first time one of us was not with him for longer then a few hours.

Stuff is starting to come together on the new prototype bike. Brendan has made a design change that I'm very excited about. Parts are ordered and on the way. Once again I'll be rolling on Stans NoTubes 355 ZTR's. This wheelset is great! I've races these wheels on my hardtail and Song for a couple of seasons and have been very happy with them. Facerace Deus cranks are on their way as well. Again I've raced these cranks on my hardtail and the only thing I've had to change out are the chainrings. Too many miles and not enough new chains. I'm so bad at changing out my chains. the rest of the parts we'll order early Monday. Brendan is coming to town early in the week so the plan is to have him take parts back to Tucson and build up the bike.

One week and counting, I better get on with my spinning.
Ride on!

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