Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wrapped up break with a fun evening. Brendan and Mary came over and made pizza. Not only did we enjoy the food and company but an excellent cycling movie to boot. Despite being busy with work training has been going well. I've got in to the routine of getting up before Finn for a spin. So far it seems to be working. I get most of my training done before the day starts and then anything else I can get is bonus. So far that's meant a three mile run home each night after work. Next week training will be difficult at best. Most nights I won't get home until after 10. If you know me, I'm usually in bed by 10. This will make getting up early questionable. I don't want to sacrifice health by skimping on sleep. If this is my biggest problem I guess I'm doing alright.

Before break was over I was able to do a bit of research on the RAW. I've been in touch with the guy who won it in '08. It's kind of funny, he and I share the same last name, and he is a professor at NIU, where Bonnie and I did our MFA's. Looks like we'll get to meet him this summer as he is going to take on the RAAM. On the bike front Brendan and I talked a bit about it the other night. It sounds like it's going to be something pretty special, but what would you expect from Siren?

Ride on!


Anonymous said...

It was fun hanging with you guys and it's always fun to get a preview from Finn of what we've got coming up with the little guy! Good luck getting in your training and sleep with the hectic schedule 'round the corner.

Scott Cole said...

Your training regime sounds like a carbon copy of mine except for the late nights getting home. Good luck this season! I hope to see in Wisconsin this summer for 24-9.