Saturday, January 9, 2010

I got some good miles in today. Started with a little bit of spinning before Finn and I got out with Chance and Lucy for our Saturday morning hike. Who should we run into but Brendan and Dave out for another epic. Check out the Siren shop blog for the details, I know I will. This afternoon I hit the trails. I shot up to Pine Cove and then down to Hemet. The turned around and came back up. Ended up climbing around 5,000'. That's like climbing 1/6th of the way up Everest...once.

We've had some very mild temps here. It was about 65 in Idyllwild so I would think it was around 75 down in Hemet. As you can see there is still some spotty snow in the high country. Nothing like the weather we just left, lots of snow and temps in the single digits. Buuurrr.
My first ride of the year also can with my first snake of the year. Spotted this guy at 3,700'.
I hope to get out for some more good miles tomorrow. I also need to head into school and get my head around the show.
Ride on!

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