Monday, January 25, 2010

Some fun in the sun!

We finally got our snow. After a week of rain it turned to snow Friday. We ended up getting a little better then a foot. Big Bear, in the mountain rage just north of us got about 4.5 feet. Finn and I hiked Saturday with the girls. He soon realized that being 3 feet tall it's hard to hike when the snow covers a third of your body. Wanting to get out of the stuff we headed down to Palm Springs for the day and enjoyed some warmer temps. Sunday Lucy and I got out for a 2 hour hike on our way to school. No riding the past couple of days.
No trail running today, just hiking.

I have to cross a lot more of these on the way to work.

It hard to believe that 13 million people live within 100 miles of our mountain, yet one can still be very alone. In the snow you can make out some tracks that have been covered with snow. The tracks are from Lucy and me when we ran through on Friday. Don't get me wrong, this weekend all of SoCal came out to play, it's just that they all stayed in the easy to find snow fun spots around town.

I hope to get back to spinning in the morning before Finn gets up. I'd like to get some good mileage in before we head to Chicago this weekend.
Ride on!


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