Friday, October 17, 2008

Down time

This morning I headed down to Palm Springs for my pulmonary study. I won't hear the results until we go to the sports medicine Dr. Yesterday Bonnie and I both had blood drawn for full panels. I really hope we get my asthma under control.

So this week we've just been recovering from the flu. I managed to catch a bit of a cold as well. Have you ever noticed when you slow up and let your guard down that when you get sick. All I've done in the way of exercise this week is run the dogs to school. Tonight I'll run them home as well.

Here is a shot of San Jacinto from one of the vistas on the way to school.

The poplars are popping!

This is what it looks like when I've spent most of the summer on my bike and not much time running. These girls are out of shape! Don't worry we'll have them in tip top form in no time.Ride on!

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Anonymous said...

Right on Todd.
Fall is here and isn't it great? It took me a while to "notice" fall when we first moved here. Now I love it.