Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Do you think we need more firewood?

Winter moved in this weekend. We got our first snow in the high country on Saturday. As the day went on the weather just deteriorated. Finn and I got out for about a 45 minute run. We needed some things at the grocery store so I put him in the baby carrier and we walked to town and got what we needed. Then since it's mostly up hill on the way back we took the scenic rout and ran. On the down hills he bounces around a bit too much so we walk those. When we got home Finn took a nap and I got to spin and watch the Penn State - Iowa game. What an upset.

Sunday the weather was still cruddy but I still and running and biking clubs. When I got home we watched the Packers and worked some more on grades as the end of the quarter has come. We kind of just hung out and got things done. Here is a shot of Bonnie and Finn hoping for a Packer win.

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