Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How to spend a weekend

What a great weekend. Finn got up early on Saturday so I was able to spend some time with him before I headed down to Temecula for the last race of the 12 Hour series. This event has really grown up over the past couple of years. This is a shot looking down the solo pits. I got to do the first lap, which was a lot of fun. The only time I really wanted more gears was on the easy flats where I would just spin out. My goals for this lap were to come in with a decent time and to clean everything. I did not want to have to clip out. I could have done it had I listened to Brendan. Before the race he told me to do a 'shake down' ride. But time was tight and I never got one in, so my first lap became my 'shake down' ride. Well about 7 miles a bolt on the sliding drop out can loose which caused the rear wheel to tip and rub against the chain stay. I couldn't get it back in so I soft pedaled the last three miles. No big deal and an easy fix.

Now came time to just hang out. Down time between laps was spent catching up with fellow racers and pitting for Mary and Ian who were both racing solo. Mary was there for some good training and just to see how she was feeling after a season like none other. Ian was there doing his first endurance event. They both put in some serious efforts. It was cool watch Ian go places he's never been. Here he is taking a much needed, and well deserved break.
Being on a four man team is pretty fun. If I was a faster racer I think I could get used to it. My second lap I really learned what it was like to be on a team. I was never passed and each rider I saw in the distance ahead of me I because my next target. I had to work Saturday night at school so after only two laps I needed to head out.

Sunday morning started with the usual. Get up play with Finn, grab some breakfast, get over to school for running and biking clubs. We had a good turn out for both. Then the plan was to get back home, drop the girls and the truck off and head down to meet Gray and Anna at the ranch. Instead Bonnie and Finn came along as well, which was great as I was kind of missing them. I hadn't spent any real time with either of them since Friday night. We all send the early part of the afternoon hiking in Garner Valley. Me and Bonnie on foot Gray and Anna on horseback, Finn on parentback. About an hour in Bonnie and Finn turned around and headed back as planned. The rest of us hiked on for about another couple of hours.

Sunday evening Brendan and Mary came over for some dinner. They have had us over to there place a bunch of times and we've never managed to have them over. What is our deal? It was good to hang out with good friends.

So short story long...I couldn't have asked for a better weekend.

Ride on!


Luke said...

good stuff bro! great meeting you out there!

Anonymous said...

Nice hangin' & racin' with ya on Saturday.

Nice eatin' & drinkin' with ya on Sunday!