Thursday, November 20, 2008

Simple man

I took Bonnie and Finn to the airport yesterday. It looked like it would be just me and the girls for a few days, kind of an empty house. Then I got an email. Mary and Brendan are busy this weekend with a Wedding so Dave their dog is going to keep an eye on me and the girls. Full house again, how cool!

It seems very strange without Bonnie and Finn around. I keep thinking I need to be somewhere, or doing something so I can get home or over to the sitters to pick up Finn. Last night I was spinning in the living room watching some old cycling coverage. I kept thinking I needed to turn down the volume because it would wake Finn. Weird I know.

As one could probably guess training has picked up in Bonnie and Finn's absence. I ran the girls last night when I got home then spun for a couple of hours. This morning I got up and first thing I did was spend some time on the trainer. Then took the girls and Dave for a run. I also got in a quick run to work. Tonight I'll run home and put in a couple more hours on the trainer. Tomorrow will be more of the same.

So Bonnie if your reading this, you're not missing have a very simple husband.

Ride on!

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