Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fun Across the Street

This morning a good friend of mine and I enjoyed a hike on the other side of the 10, across the street from our mountain. We hiked up San Gorgonio. It tops out at just a pinch more than 11,500' making it the highest point in SoCal. We started up around 6:15 and got back to the car about 6.5 hours later. We were thinking it would be a 14 mile round trip effort, it ended up being a little better than 18. It was fun checking out a new trail and catching up with a good friend. I remembered to bring my camera some here are a few shots of the fun. I gotta tell you it never looks as good in a picture as it does in real life.

We had to kick Rip Van Winkle out to get this shot.

A view of a ridge line on the way up.

Hey look who made it to the top! In the distance that's our San Jacinto mt. It's about 700' lower than San Gorgonio.

Tonight I'm looking forward to hanging out, maybe spinning, probably not and going to bed early.

Ride on!


Luke said...

nice!! one of these days i will get around to crossing that off of my to-do list.

Anonymous said...

beauty shot there on the summit Mister T.