Sunday, December 14, 2008


I took the girls to school with me for running club, and I decided to cancel biking club because of the snow. It wasn't much, but I didn't have time for broken bones today. When I got home Finn and I went for a run. It didn't start out that way. When we left home I thought we might just take a walk around town, and get some holiday spirit. But as the road tipped up we started running. This was good practice for when we head back to WI. As I understand it they've been getting some good snow. After today I'm considering not taking all the fixin's to ride outside when we're back. It might just be easier to ride the spin bikes at the gym and run outside. Finn's so popular he needs to keep a low profile when he goes out.

Actually this is the first time he's kept his sunglasses on for longer that 5 seconds. We found that if we strap them over his hat and under his hood it works.

Ride on!


Chris said...

Hard to believe it's not even Christmas and we already have this much snow. The riding is pretty good though when it's not super-cold -- better than last year I think!

Bandit said...

Thanks for the update, although I believe you guys are in a deep freeze today. We are slotted for about a foot of snow, so just spinning and running for me.

Chester Gillmore said...

I hope you guys plan on having many many many more kids...The world could use more Finnsters... Seriously though, that little guy is the Man! Although it is not much of a shocker given his parents ;)