Monday, December 1, 2008

The end of the fall break has been fun. I got down to LAX about an hour early so I spent that time running along the beach. A lot of people celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family in the homes along the ocean. Manhattan Beach was super busy.

Bonnie Finn and I spent a quiet Thanksgiving at home. Finn looks to be on the mend, he still has a cough but it's getting better every day. Friday we spent the day at home and in town. Just hanging out and not doing too much of anything. I got some spinning in in the morning and in the afternoon I got the girls out for about an hour run. Saturday we headed down to Palm Springs to visit with the family we were supposed to have Thanksgiving with, and then got back home in time to watch the tree lighting in town. The past couple of mornings Finn and I have been hiking up in the State park with Gray . Yesterday I got out with Gray and his horse Huey. So like I said the end of break has been fun.

I'm really looking forward to getting back to school. A student is designing the set for the next production. Just before we left for break we were right on the edge of being ready to build, so it's getting pretty exciting.

Two more days and Finn will be a year that went fast.

Ride on!

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