Monday, December 8, 2008

Weekly Update

It's been a while so I thought I should give a bit of an update since I had some time this morning. My parents came out for the week which was great. They got to spend some good time with Finn. We capped their stay off by spending the weekend down in San Diego. Saturday night we played darts in the bar after dinner. We hadn't done that since we used to spend a long weekend each fall in the northwoods of Wisconsin. After two matches for Cricket we were tied and Finn was tired so we decided a rubber match would take place when we were back for the holidays.

O.k. this is a blog about mt biking so I reckon I should mention something about that. Training has been in a slow steady state. Running and spinning make up the brunt of my efforts. I've been in touch with Siren and it sounds like they'll have a new creation in the mix for me later this week. We've been talking about/designing this one for a while. It started when I bought a White Brothers carbon ridge fork last spring. Can you guess what we're thinking?

This week the plan is to get more regular with my training. Maybe hit the control road down the Hemet a couple of times. This is great for base miles.

Ride on!

p.s. What's with those Packers?

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