Sunday, December 21, 2008

We Were on a Break

As of yesterday break has broken. For the next three weeks we are off. The first week looks to be pretty busy with holiday gatherings and shopping. We gotta do our part to stimulate the economy. Today is all about getting things in order before we head back to WI. I've decided not to bring all the 'stuff' for riding outside. All the 'stuff' we need for the three of us and the two dogs is more than enough. I'll bring shoes and shorts for spinning inside at the club. I have to admit I've gotten soft living in SoCal. I don't know if I could handle riding around in sub-zero temps. I know I don't have the clothing to do so. I'd like to do some snowshoeing up in the high country but I don't think there will be time. We need to tie up some loose ends at work before we head out. Maybe this morning Finn and I will go for a hike instead.

Ride on!