Thursday, March 5, 2009

Show's up, trainings on

After a great weekend I swung into a busy week at work. O.k. I guess the busy week started mid week last week, anyhow, last night we opened a small studio show to a enthusiastic audience. Tonight we have one more show and then we strike (take it all down). The students are doing great! In just a few days they've got a show up and running that they can really be proud of.

Because I've been so busy I haven't had much time for training. Mostly I've been getting in commuting miles. Instead of the direct 3 mile rout to school I've been taking a more 'scenic' way. It's not a lot but it does take the edge off. During down times throughout the day I've been hitting the trails just off campus. When doing this I often think to myself why don't I do this more often. I mean these trails are great. Trails that people will drive over an hour to get to. Trails that all I have to do is ride across some asphalt to get to. Why don't I hit these trail more often.

Since the show is up and running well this morning I have time to get some training in. I'll probably get some spinning in and run the girls to school. If I get a break this afternoon I'm going to hit those trails just off campus.

Ride on!

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