Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hey we're wrapping up spring break today. It's been a good break and we're looking forward to seeing the kids again. It's a cool time of year because college acceptances start rolling in. One of our Designers spend some time in Liverpool over break checking out L.I.P.A. Another of our Stage Managers spent a big chunk of her break out east looking into a few of the great schools over there. It's bitter sweet to watch our students make these life decisions and move on to the next phase of their lives. What's really great is getting to work with your former students after they've gone off to that next phase. This last quarter of the year we'll be working with Trevor, who just graduated from CalArts last spring. He'll be working on the last mainstage as well as helping out around campus with all that happens in the closing months.

I better talk a little cycling before Finn gets up...I was a little behind where I wanted to be before break but since then I've made up some of my deficit. I think over the next couple of months I should be happy to maintain and not worry about gaining much. Work is going to be crazy, and when all is said and done I will be too. We made some decisions on the road bike. Since we are having trouble coming up with a rear end Siren is going to build me an aluminum bike for the summer and fab the carbon bike so it is ready when I get back in September. This should move things along and get me riding is a new position soon. For the last day of break I might ride back up from Hemet and go hiking with Gray. I already go my spinning in so I'm good there.

Happy Easter, or good Sunday to ya, or both,
Ride on!

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