Monday, April 12, 2010

This weekend I got in a great hike with Gary and Cool Hand. We went down to the Indian Canyons near Palm Springs. I also got a history lesson, from one of its key players. I won't go into great detail but back in the early 80's developers wanted to use this land for condos and a golf course (just what this area needs). Gary was one of just a few people to head up and unite several groups to stop this from happening. Now it is preserved and set aside as Indian land, very cool.

Here is a shot looking back on our mountain. You just see the storm peeking over the top. As I understand it it was cold and cloudy all day back home, we enjoyed sunshine and 80s.

Looking down on Palm Canyon

One of many oasis.

It was a lot of fun with one exception. As we were hiking along we saw bike tracks on trails where bikes should never be. This really gives mt. bikers a bad name, and it's dangerous. Mt. bikes are fast, quite and scare the heck out of horses, and hikers. Poaching trails just sucks.
Ride on, the right trails!

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